The Story

AA Architecture Design and Urban planning studio was formed by the current consultant Architect Ronald Baz, one of Lebanon’s leading architects, after pursuing his diploma from The School Of Fine Arts In Beirut ( ALBA) and studies in Urban Planning.

Our company has experienced many important projects types including recreational housing, commercial facilities, hotels, and tourists infrastructure which we can list from: the extension of Casino du Liban, Blue Lagoon Water Park – Syria, Private International Airport-Lebanon

AA Architecture Design Lebanon handled also many planning operations for housing, and urban development where this firm was specifically chosen among the architectural firms to supervise the execution of Les Domaine de Deir El-Kalaa, and restoration of architectural buildings in addition to some private residences in the vicinity of Beit Mery.

From Beirut, and since 1996, Architect Ronald Baz, extended his architectural styles to reach with his architecture company different Arab Countries; Saudi Arabia, Syria; where he developed a local version of modern architecture.